According to an analysis of the car company, 90 percent of those who have used their service consider that they could stop having their own car if they receive quality service in return. In recent years there was a “boom” in the sale of new cars and financing options were very attractive, thanks to the wide offer that is available in the Mexican market.

Should you buy a car?

Should you buy a car?

However, given new options such as TNVS, users are rethinking the convenience of having their own car, with everything and the expenses that this implies. In addition, this type of applications and collaborative economy are making us realize that through the internet you can access services at better prices and services, even without the risks of taking a taxi in the middle of the street or paying excessive bills by addressing it when leaving the airport.

Do you want a new car? Evaluate whether you should buy a car.

new car

However, when a person considers having their own car or using an application of this type of company, they should consider:

  1. Budget: Make an account of how much you should buy a car, whether new or used. If you have the money to make the purchase it is already an advantage, but if you have to apply for a loan, consider the costs of the credit and the deposit itself. How much will you finish paying for your car after 3 or 4 years and how much will it be worth by then? Will it be worth buying?
  2. Depreciation of the car: Unlike what happens with a house that is gaining surplus-value, the car will depreciate about 10 percent per year for 6 years, and you know that leaving the agency is worth less than the price for the That you acquired it Hence the importance of making accounts. Especially the cars that have just left the agency are the ones that soon depreciate.
  3. Expenses associated with the vehicle: Insurance, maintenance, possession and verification are just some of the expenses that in addition to the credit with which you paid your car, you will have to assume. Depending on the brand of the vehicle, the cost of insurance, for example, can exceed 10 thousand pesos per year.
  4. Gasoline and parking: Of course you also have to consider the payment of gasoline and the payment of parking each time you occupy it.

All these expenses


Would not be at your expense if you chose some of the car-sharing applications. The important thing is to analyze how convenient it is depending on the use you give it, your budget and your comfort.

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